Our guests’ health and safety is top priority. We aim to provide exceptional hospitality, keeping our environment safe for both our guests and staff. Achieving this goal takes shared responsibility. For this reason, we need your contribution to our efforts to improve the safety of our public spaces by keeping a minimum distance of 2 meters from other guests and wearing a protective mask whenever possible.


Our staff follows all hygiene guidelines, wearing a protective face mask at all times.

All our employees wear uniforms while on duty.

Regular rapid tests are carried out as a means of preventing the spread of Covid-19.


Our tables are placed in such a way to ensure that minimum distances are kept.

Parties of up to 6 people are allowed to sit at one table, unless guests are a family.

Hand sanitizer is provided on all tables.

Oil and butter served with bread comes in individual serving packets, which are not moved among tables.

Our guests can make contactless payments at their tables using our POS terminal as a way to avoid cash transactions, which highly contribute to the spread of the virus.

Public spaces

Hand sanitizer is provided in all our spaces.

Toilets are cleaned on an increasingly regular basis and are equipped with sensor control appliances (paper, faucets).

If you exhibit any symptoms before your visit, please cancel your reservation.

If you become sick within one to three days following your visit to our restaurant, please contact NPHO EODY directly at +30-210-5212054 and 1135. We kindly ask that you also inform our restaurant manager by sending an email to carne.restaurant.gialova@gmail.com so that we can make sure to get rapid tests for our staff and limit any possible spread of the virus.

In any case, before your trip, please make sure to get informed by reading the guidelines for travelers Covid-19 shared by NPHO EODY.

We stay safe and soon whole parties will again be seated at the same table, smiles won’t be hidden behind face masks and greetings will be cordial as befits our Greek culture!