Our family has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. The Carne restaurant is our new venture in the sector, opening its doors to the public in June 2020. Thanks to the entire team’s specialized knowledge, passion and creativity, the restaurant has been much-loved for its good meat and excellent hospitality.

The cousins of our restaurant is characterized as Greek creative cuisine, as we create dishes based on Greek raw material and add modern touches. Our excellent-quality raw materials, passion and love for creating delicious dishes invite you to a gastronomic journey of flavors and pleasures, harmoniously combined with an assortment of Greek or international bottled wines.

We wish to offer our guests the best gastronomic experience possible by selecting first-class meats and Greek goods, and to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, making the best of the restaurant’s privileged location.

High-quality products

The ingredients that reach our kitchen are first-class Greek products and high-quality meats from trusted suppliers with years of remarkable experience in meat production and supply.

Great atmosphere

Our restaurant is located in the coastal pedestrian road of Gialova in Messenia. The view of Navarino Bay and the historic island of Sfaktiria make the environment idyllic, especially at sunset.

Exceptional customer service

Our priority is to offer our guests a pleasant experience and efficient customer service. Our well-trained staff is always available to deliver the ultimate customer experience.


Gialova, where the Carne restaurant is located, is a seaside settlement in Messenia, Greece. It is just 7.5 km away from the town of Pylos. Right in front of Gialova is Navarino Bay, where the Battle of Navarino took place during the Greek Revolution. Opposite Gialova lies the historic island of Sfaktiria where, thanks to its strategic position, important historical events took place in the past.

At a distance of 8 km you will find the high-standard touristic facilities of Costa Navarino Hotel, which is also among the best sports destinations worldwide. Nearby is Voidokilia beach and Gialova Lagoon, both of which constitute protected areas of great natural and cultural interest, the Old Navarino Castle, as well as many more beaches and areas of historical, archaeological, cultural and religious interest that one can visit during their stay in Messenia.